Aug 6 2007

Bye, SDF

Powerful Hosting at Modwest...

I’ve announced in opening that it was entirely made with free software and it was hosted in a non for profit server managed by a community of UNIX users. Finally, this final point is no longer true.

First come the attacks against the server (it’s not their fault, but doesn’t help), then the constant hangups and finally our service is suspended without notice saying that we didn’t paid for July, which is false. After contacting them our service is restored without any explanation. If we add a sometimes arrogant attitude by the administrator, there are not many reasons to stay with SDF. It may be a good service for personal use, but unlucky for commercial use.

But in SDF we had some services that are hard to find in commercial servers, but not impossible, it was how I found Modwest, that offers us all we need by a lower price: Apache, PHP 4/5, MySQL 4/5, SSH, SVN, ImageMagick, DNS and VHosts, as others features like being able to edit php.ini file and an excelent support section.

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