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Jan 21 2015

Odio Hangouts (Google adopta, extiende y extingue XMPP)

A ver, esto es una especie de encuesta pública, abierta, universal, transparente, empoderada, transversal, desesperada, integrada, dinámica, indignada, paradigmática… Vamos, que quiero que me respondáis a las cuestiones que planteo. A la mayoría os veo muy felices con Google Hangouts, […]

Dec 26 2014

How Android managed to scare me

This is the story of how one day Android music player gave me such an unexpected surprise that was able to scare me due to such concrete details of my life that it related, involving my relationship with a friend’s girlfriend through music and a potato. Continue reading

Nov 9 2014

No, don’t blame the user

It is unusual to see a computer engineer defending users. Even more if the engineer is a system administrator. It is known that the relationship between system administrators and users is tense. But when somebody tries to fool me, I get even more tense. Continue reading

Apr 9 2014

Desdramatizando heartbleed: No se han comprometido dos tercios de Internet

Hoy nos llamó un cliente asustado diciéndonos que fuésemos a ver la portada de tecnología de El Mundo y comprobásemos si lo que aparecía allí le afectaba.

Al ir a ver en la susodicha portada la noticia que ha provocado esa alerta, veo que se trata de una noticia de la popular periodista de Internet Mercè Molist sobre el recientemente divulgado (aunque descubierto en diciembre) y grave fallo de seguridad de OpenSSL conocido como heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160):

Un gravísimo agujero de seguridad compromete a las dos terceras partes de Internet Continue reading

Nov 9 2013

Why there are no good video editing free software

It’s something that I ever asked myself and recently I have somebody asked it to me again: what free (as in free beer or as in free speech) video editors are there?
A video editor is a very complex piece of software to develop, so there are not many free solutions, the few ones that we can find are not very good and the ones you have to pay for are quite expensive. Continue reading

Oct 14 2013

How I recovered the system after renaming

Yes, I know, it may be a little stupid renaming, can we skip this detail? It’s not something I do very often, but that day I felt like I had to innovate or something like that. But innovation was […]

Jul 31 2012

kdepim-runtime patch for standard IMAP flags in KMail (KDE bug 291332)

This is a situation that I found at work: I use KMail and my co workers use Thunderbird. We use a shared e-mail account and, when they reply a message, I can see it as replied, but when I reply […]