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Oct 14 2013

How I recovered the system after renaming

Yes, I know, it may be a little stupid renaming, can we skip this detail? It’s not something I do very often, but that day I felt like I had to innovate or something like that. But innovation was […]

Dec 13 2012

Cómo «hackear» el whois

Supongo que no cuento nada nuevo si digo que ayer se cayó Facebook. Lo nuevo viene a continuación… o no, porque es algo que se viene haciendo desde hace años. Supongo también que buscando el motivo de la caída o […]

Jan 1 2010

Fighting Firefox password reminder

The situation is as follows: a website which, after logging in with an username and a password, allows you to register new users and a Mozilla Firefox user with the option to remember passwords enabled. The case: the user adds […]

Feb 1 2009

Linux kernel module that allows you to set events on pressed keys

As a probe of the use of kprobes for Extension of Operating Systems I have made a Linux module that allows you to execute a command for every pressed key and see its keycode. It includes some sample scripts that […]

Nov 3 2008

Portage sound notifications

The context: you run emerge with –ask parameter and, since it can take some time to calculate dependencies, you do some other thing. After a while, when you’ve forgotten it, you discover that emerge have ended calculating dependencies time ago […]

Sep 12 2008

Looking for modified files in Gentoo packages

Did you know that teTeX development was abandoned more than two years ago? And it’s recommended to migrate to TeX Live. When I was doing so by reading the Gentoo Linux guide I found that it says: if you have […]

Jul 8 2008

RapidShare premium download with Opera

I must blame Fonso again, because he asks me about something like FlashGot but for Opera in Linux, i.e., a way to be able to select a block of RapidShare URLs to download them with a premium account with a […]