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Oct 28 2012

The umpteenth moving

Since I first set up this web page, six years ago, I moved its hosting four times. I don’t know if this is too much, but it looks so for me. And the reason for so many movings is that […]

Mar 19 2008

Looking for the perfect hosting

This is a post that was in my ToDo list ’cause I said I will leave SDF-eu to be hosted at HyperPHP because I’ve read they offer free PHP and MySQL without advertisments. And according to my last comment it […]

Oct 13 2007

Changing again said bye to SDF for those reasons already explained, now it’s time to do the same with my web page. In addition to those problems, I had more with my page: after the server being down for two days, […]

Aug 6 2007

Bye, SDF

I’ve announced in opening that it was entirely made with free software and it was hosted in a non for profit server managed by a community of UNIX users. Finally, this final point is no longer true. First come […]