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Dec 12 2014

No, it doesn’t work for you

We’ve all heard this ever. Some may even have used this argument: “it works for me.” It seems that it serves as a defense of the effectiveness of everything. From homeopathy to ouija including NLP or MMS. If you’ve tried it and you’ve seen that it works and maybe you even know more people that say that it works, we could say that its effectiveness is proved, right? Let’s see why this argument could be wrong. Continue reading

Sep 22 2012

Ipsi quoque

Hoy voy a tratar un tema que siempre me ha parecido interesante: las falacias. Ser capaz de reconocer las falacias nos permitirá evitar ser engañados y tener debates más interesantes y fructíferos. En primer lugar, porque seremos capaces de evitar […]