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  • Why DRM sucks
    Some time ago I bought an eBook in PDF format. Yes, I paid for it. And it seems that the distributors thought that it would be a great idea if I couldn't open the file with any PDF reader or if I couldn't select, copy or print text from that book, so they protected it with a proprietary plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. Now I need to read this PDF, so I thought that I would have to install that plug-in, but then I realized that the plug-in is no longer maintained (at least for Linux) and it doesn't work with current Acrobat versions so I can't read the PDF I paid.
  • Advertising creativity
    OK, I can't boast about my creativity since it tends to zero, but this why I'm not a publicist. Free Hugs Campaign ONO advertisement - Regalo abrazos Daft Hands Telefónica: El Dúo está en tu mano
  • New contribution from Sony to virii scene
    Do you remember? The infamous case of Sony slipping us a rootkit with some of their audio CDs that includes the issue that hides files and registry entries beginning with $sys$, even with registry editors and some antivirus, giving the work done to virii, trojans and other malware. The scandal was immediate and the story spread widely, this is why now sounds so surprising that Sony tried the same again, this time with its USB memory sticks.
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