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  • Why we care about Paris and not about Kabul
    Every time a terrorist attack in the West caught the attention of the media, a response arises from some ideological sectors. Whether the Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo or the slaughter yesterday at the Bataclan, there are always those who, after the first signs of media attention, make the same comment: By the way, terrorist attacks like the Paris one happen almost daily in Africa or Asia, but they don't shock us.
  • Morocco vice
    Gendarm4 targist sniper 3 gendarme corruption maroc morocco marokko iyounes : gendarme maroc & police of morocco...Scandal video Corruption Moroccan gendarme Who is terrorizing my country ?!! Morocco corruption La tactique du gendarme marocain
  • Namesys for sale
    After being arrested for presumably murdering his wife, Hans Reiser, the creator of ReiserFS (IMHO the best filesystem I tried), wants to sell his company Namesys —which gives support for the filesystem— to be able to pay his defense.
  • Prime minister wanted
    The military cabinet that have taken the power in Fiji through the fourth coup d'état in twenty years getting the disapproval from the United Nations and a suspension from the Commonwealth has published an advertisement in the newspapers offering jobs in the Government, including the prime minister. If you haven't criminal records, have not been declared bankrupt, and have a minimum of ten years working experience, congratulations, you can be a candidate for minister in Fiji and you have until Tuesday at 14:00 to send them your curriculum.