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  • Safari and MSIE on Linux
    As soon as I knew about Safari for Windows I knew what I wanted to do: after being able to run Internet Explorer on Linux it's time to do the same with Safari. It's not easy, but when you know what you have to do it isn't difficult. And if you see how it works on Windows: you can't expect great things with Wine either These are the steps needed to be able to run Safari on Linux using Wine.
  • Browsers and standards
    Opera 9 Safari 2.0 Konqueror 3.5 Firefox 2 Internet Explorer 7 Those are the results of running the Acid2 test against the most popular browsers. The results are eloquent, but just in case, I'm going to clarify it: it should be a yellow smiley face over a white background that when you pass the mouse over or near the nose, it becomes blue.