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  • Anyone can make a web page
    The title of this post is ambiguous, since it can be interpreted as "making web pages is something easy for everyone" or as "even the most inept is allowed to make a web page". This ambiguity is intentional, since experience has shown me that both interpretations are correct, in fact often the first implies the second. 'Cause although anyone can make a website, not everyone can make any web page. It is not the same to make a blog on Blogger than to develop the Facebook website.
  • Coming back
    Those that usually visit my page (yes, there are such people) would notice that it had an irregular behavior being inaccessible the most of the time. It was due to two reasons: The abusive frequency of the new search engine Cuill indexing web pages squeezing the bandwidth with 1,000 daily requests, most of them referring to inexistent URLs that seem to be randomly generated by the robot combining different URLs, until it gets my hosting server to block my web page because of exceeding the daily bandwidth.