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  • George Parr explains financial crisis
  • D Crepes Maker
    Fonzu @ work.
  • Advertising creativity
    OK, I can't boast about my creativity since it tends to zero, but this why I'm not a publicist. Free Hugs Campaign ONO advertisement - Regalo abrazos Daft Hands Telefónica: El Dúo está en tu mano
  • Morocco vice
    Gendarm4 targist sniper 3 gendarme corruption maroc morocco marokko iyounes : gendarme maroc & police of morocco...Scandal video Corruption Moroccan gendarme Who is terrorizing my country ?!! Morocco corruption La tactique du gendarme marocain
  • It sounds like...
    Have you ever though "I heard this song before"? Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel Rant Source:
  • I want him in the games until he dies playing
    Tron (1981) (is from where I took the phrase for the title) was one of the first movies to use scenes generated by computer. This movie talks about "life" inside computers. Characters live games as if they were real and the game seen in the video has been developed for PC becoming very popular and one of my favorites for Linux. Yes, there are games for Linux although many people says that you can't play in Linux.
  • Top 2006
    The Simpsons - 6x09 - Homer Badman We would hope people want to drink Diet Coke more than try experiments with it. Susan McDermott, Coke spokeswoman Finally, it wasn't Pop Rox what makes Coke explode as the urban legend says. It's Mentos, as probed in one of the most seen videos. Cause the year is ending, so, as expected, we are getting those "the most..." lists. And then we have the most popular videos, the most important scientific discoveries, the funniest viruses, the most relevant undisclosed news or top searches in Google, Yahoo and AOL.