Speeding up Gentoo packages building

Some strategies to make Gentoo package compilation a bit faster

On moderation in the fediverse and in general

My views on a recent controversy on the fediverse on stop federation with instances that unknowngly host unacceptable accounts.

Splitting merged text files back into individual files

How to split back with POSIX standard tools text files that were merged into one single file.

A November patch introduces new conflicts in Active Directory

Since Novembmer ‘21 update, Active Directory new conditions may make it raise a CONSTRAINT_ATT_TYPE violation affecting other products.

Why I choose Gentoo

I’ve been using Gentoo Linux for 20 years. Why? Because I cannot live without Linux and I haven’t found any Linux distribution that I like so much. Here I tell why.

Trusting invalid SSL certificates is wrong

So let me put it clear from the first line: trusting invalid certificates is wrong. And now I will explain why it’s wrong and why there are few excuses for it. We are talking here about certificates for SSL encryption, which serves basically two purposes: Privacy — data is transferred encrypted and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient and not a third party wiretapping the line. Authentication — making sure the receiving end that will be able to decrypt the data is who they claim to be and data is not diverted to a different receiver by a third party with access to manipulating our transfers. URL shortener returns

Let's start with a bit of history. is a URL shortener developed by Nicolas Hoizey in PHP eleven years ago (stylized by then as with the intention of creating a light and simple URL shortener. About seven years ago, I installed it to create my own private URL shortener at and some other open and public ones with some modifications on Nicolas's project. Shortly after, I started contributing to the project with improvements and bugfixes and almost instantly Nicolas gave me direct write permission.

From WordPress to Hugo

So far, I've been using WordPress for this website. It's a very powerful and complete blogging software, with a lot of plugins, themes, search engine optimizations, etc. It has been in the market for more than 15 years and continues to be actively developed. It's the undisputed leader in blogging and it's very easy and quick to produce content with it. On the other hand, I haven't updated this blog for two years, with a single entry in the last 5 years.

So what do you think about Bitcoin?

Every time someone asks if I have heard about Bitcoin or tells me they want to invest, there are so many things that I think I could tell and so many links that I would like to share, that I thought it would be better to compile everything in a blog post. And, what the hell, nowadays you're nobody if you do not have a blog post about Bitcoin and which topic could be better to wake up my blog from its two-year lethargy than the bubble of the moment.

Why we care about Paris and not about Kabul

Every time a terrorist attack in the West caught the attention of the media, a response arises from some ideological sectors. Whether the Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo or the slaughter yesterday at the Bataclan, there are always those who, after the first signs of media attention, make the same comment: By the way, terrorist attacks like the Paris one happen almost daily in Africa or Asia, but they don't shock us.