Dec 15 2015

Anumerismo con anteojeras ideológicas

¿Qué pasa cuando se combina el anumerismo, la incapacidad para interpretar correctamente datos numéricos, con esas anteojeras ideológicas que solo nos permiten interpretar la realidad de forma que favorezca nuestros prejuicios ideológicos? Continue reading

Nov 14 2015

Why do we care about Paris and not about Kabul

Every time a terrorist attack in the West captures the attention of the media, a replica arises from some ideological sectors. Whether the Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo or the slaughter yesterday at the Bataclan, there are always those who, after […]

Mar 28 2015

Cómo el Gran Firewall chino troyanizó Baidu para atacar GitHub

Esta mañana se han producido interrupciones en el servicio de GitHub debido a un ataque DDoS que las evidencias apuntan a que estuvo coordinado desde el Gran Firewall chino que troyanizó Baidu para usarlo como vector de ataque. Continue reading

Mar 23 2015

Reallocating partitions usage in Linux without formatting

Something that is not unusual to happen: you do a bad planning of your disk partitioning and at the end you find out that you have a partition that is nearly full and want to move a directory from that […]

Jan 21 2015

Odio Hangouts (Google adopta, extiende y extingue XMPP)

A ver, esto es una especie de encuesta pública, abierta, universal, transparente, empoderada, transversal, desesperada, integrada, dinámica, indignada, paradigmática… Vamos, que quiero que me respondáis a las cuestiones que planteo. A la mayoría os veo muy felices con Google Hangouts, […]

Dec 26 2014

How Android managed to scare me

This is the story of how one day Android music player gave me such an unexpected surprise that was able to scare me due to such concrete details of my life that it related, involving my relationship with a friend’s girlfriend through music and a potato. Continue reading

Dec 12 2014

No, it doesn’t work for you

We’ve all heard this ever. Some may even have used this argument: “it works for me.” It seems that it serves as a defense of the effectiveness of everything. From homeopathy to ouija including NLP or MMS. If you’ve tried it and you’ve seen that it works and maybe you even know more people that say that it works, we could say that its effectiveness is proved, right? Let’s see why this argument could be wrong. Continue reading