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  • URL shortener returns
    Let's start with a bit of history. is a URL shortener developed by Nicolas Hoizey in PHP eleven years ago (stylized by then as with the intention of creating a light and simple URL shortener. About seven years ago, I installed it to create my own private URL shortener at and some other open and public ones with some modifications on Nicolas's project. Shortly after, I started contributing to the project with improvements and bugfixes and almost instantly Nicolas gave me direct write permission.
  • Google Zeitgeist 2006
    Source: Google Zeitgeist 2006, the analysis of the most frequent searches in Google, has just arrived. So, we have that the most usual it is to go to Google in search of other specific webpages, such as Bebo in the first place, MySpace, Metacafe (yes, before YouTube), Radioblog, Wikipedia or Mininova. About people and organizations, the most wanted is fictitious: Borat. Hizbullah also has known to gain the attention of the internauts, like Paris Hilton that is the most looked for in.
  • Microsoft and Vaporware
    A little exaggerated and of course biased, nevertheless interesting. 1990-1995: Microsoft's Yellow Road to Cairo claims that Microsoft business is a fraud and its software is vaporware.
  • Time to change wallpaper
    It's time to change the wallpaper, this is how Eitrox trained me. In order to not be tired to see always the same, some new, some relaxing, some eye-kindy, or maybe some comic, or some about computing issues. But, which one? There are too many to choose one... Well, I think I'll take this one...