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  • The umpteenth moving
    Since I first set up this web page, six years ago, I moved its hosting four times. I don't know if this is too much, but it looks so for me. And the reason for so many movings is that I used poor quality web hostings. I've never worried about having a good web hosting since I maintain this web site as a hobby and it won't be a great disaster if the web is offline for a while, so I never spent any money in hosting.
  • Looking for the perfect hosting
    This is a post that was in my ToDo list 'cause I said I will leave SDF-eu to be hosted at HyperPHP because I've read they offer free PHP and MySQL without advertisements. And according to my latest comment, it seems that I was satisfied with that server, but the story didn't finish yet. This server does include banners and pop-ups in hosted pages, but I didn't notice because I had blocked their advertisements.
  • Changing again said bye to SDF for those reasons already explained, now it's time to do the same with my web page. In addition to those problems, I had more with my page: after the server being down for two days, my webpage was blocked arguing traffic limit exceeded after transferring 5 KiB, while my quota is 10 MiB/day. A so low limit usually causes my webpage to be blocked, so I started using Coral CDN cache in addition to other measures to mitigate excessive traffic.
  • Bye, SDF
    I've announced in opening that it was entirely made with free software and it was hosted in a not-for-profit server managed by a community of UNIX users. Finally, this final point is no longer true. First, they came the attacks against the server (it's not their fault, but doesn't help), then the constant hangups and finally our service is suspended without notice saying that we didn't pay for July, which is false.