Category: Curiosities

  • How Android managed to scare me
    Precedent 1 Two years ago, I went to Poland to visit a friend who was there for his Erasmus program and there he met a Slovenian girl. English level in Poland is quite low and, in addition, we were in Bielsko-Biała, which is not exactly the capital, so we managed to get understood primarily via the Slovenian girl and the similarities that apparently exist between Polish and Slovenian languages. One day, we were waiting for the bus to go to Auschwitz and it was quite rainy, so we went into a bar in the deepest Poland that had one of those machines that you put coins so you can choose which song you want to hear.
  • It sounds like...
    Have you ever though "I heard this song before"? Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel Rant Source:
  • And what does science say about that?
    You probably have heard some popular belief with a supposed scientific base of the type of humans use only 10% of their brains, you can kill somebody dropping a coin from a tall building, hair and nails continue growing after death or water drains backwards in the other hemisphere. Surely that you have heard more than twenty, but twenty are solely those that a recently published document (a little lacking in references) tries to solve.
  • Top 2006
    The Simpsons - 6x09 - Homer Badman We would hope people want to drink Diet Coke more than try experiments with it. Susan McDermott, Coke spokeswoman Finally, it wasn't Pop Rox what makes Coke explode as the urban legend says. It's Mentos, as probed in one of the most seen videos. Cause the year is ending, so, as expected, we are getting those "the most..." lists. And then we have the most popular videos, the most important scientific discoveries, the funniest viruses, the most relevant undisclosed news or top searches in Google, Yahoo and AOL.
  • Google Zeitgeist 2006
    Source: Google Zeitgeist 2006, the analysis of the most frequent searches in Google, has just arrived. So, we have that the most usual it is to go to Google in search of other specific webpages, such as Bebo in the first place, MySpace, Metacafe (yes, before YouTube), Radioblog, Wikipedia or Mininova. About people and organizations, the most wanted is fictitious: Borat. Hizbullah also has known to gain the attention of the internauts, like Paris Hilton that is the most looked for in.
  • Hex counting
    In the latest comic strip of Raulito el friki the hexadecimal numeration is mentioned and some readers are sorry not to dominate it. Here comes the explanation. The decimal numeration begins with 0 and when the 9 -the last symbol- is reached, the next is 0 and we carry 1 to add it to the following more significant digit; i.e., if we add 1 plus 9, the result is 0 and we carry 1 for the following digit.
  • Riddle
    It's a thing You hold it when you use it It is colorful It may be found on a desk It's probably made of plastic It doesn't have face It sometimes burns It sometimes gets really hot It sometimes produces heat It produces light I doubt that you give it as a gift I doubt that you use it at work It contains liquid It's sometimes black You can't open and close it It can fit in an envelope Do you give up?
  • Prime minister wanted
    The military cabinet that have taken the power in Fiji through the fourth coup d'état in twenty years getting the disapproval from the United Nations and a suspension from the Commonwealth has published an advertisement in the newspapers offering jobs in the Government, including the prime minister. If you haven't criminal records, have not been declared bankrupt, and have a minimum of ten years working experience, congratulations, you can be a candidate for minister in Fiji and you have until Tuesday at 14:00 to send them your curriculum.