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  • Set Up Balls Number In Neverball
    If you don't know it you should try it. Neverball is one of the best free games (thanks, Adian), based on Monkey Target minigame from Super Monkey Ball. It's a bit difficult the first time, but then it becomes quite entertaining and very addictive. In one of those nightly Neverball sessions two days ago, this time with PedrE, we got the idea: Why only three lifes? It's very annoying when you are obstinate to have only three tries and you have to go back to main menu to select again the same level.
  • I want him in the games until he dies playing
    Tron (1981) (is from where I took the phrase for the title) was one of the first movies to use scenes generated by computer. This movie talks about "life" inside computers. Characters live games as if they were real and the game seen in the video has been developed for PC becoming very popular and one of my favorites for Linux. Yes, there are games for Linux although many people says that you can't play in Linux.
  • Riddle
    It's a thing You hold it when you use it It is colorful It may be found on a desk It's probably made of plastic It doesn't have face It sometimes burns It sometimes gets really hot It sometimes produces heat It produces light I doubt that you give it as a gift I doubt that you use it at work It contains liquid It's sometimes black You can't open and close it It can fit in an envelope Do you give up?