Category: FLOSS

  • Why there are no good video editing free software
    It's something that I ever asked myself and recently I have somebody asked it to me again: what free (as in free beer or as in free speech) video editors are there? A video editor is a very complex piece of software to develop, so there are not many free solutions, the few ones that we can find are not very good and the ones you have to pay for are quite expensive.
  • How I recovered the system after renaming
    Yes, I know, it may be a little stupid renaming, can we skip this detail? It's not something I do very often, but that day I felt like I had to innovate or something like that. But innovation was a disaster, it is not a good idea to rename a library linked using its exact path by all system dynamic executables, just to take into account if you are going to have the same idea.
  • kdepim-runtime patch for standard IMAP flags in KMail (KDE bug 291332)
    This is a situation that I found at work: I use KMail and my co-workers use Thunderbird. We use a shared e-mail account and, when they reply to a message, I can see it as replied, but when I reply to a message from KMail, only KMail can see it as replied. You can imagine where the problem may be and, after a little research, this is what I found.
  • Linux kernel module that allows you to set events on pressed keys
    As a probe of the use of kprobes for Extension of Operating Systems I have made a Linux module that allows you to execute a command for every pressed key and see its keycode. It includes some sample scripts that can be used as the command to be executed on every key pressed, these scripts are: keylogger Registers every pressed key in a file. printscr If framebuffer is enabled it allows doing a console screenshot using print screen key.
  • Adding links to MLDonkey from Opera
    I envied Firefox extension for MLDonkey which allows you to add elinks and torrents to MLDonkey from the browser with a single click, even if MLDonkey is running in other PC. It's a luxury I want to have in Opera, is quite easy. It should be even easier using -remote openURL() Opera parameter, but I got problems doing it this way (it seems to ignore %U parameter), so I finally did it this way:
  • Set Up Balls Number In Neverball
    If you don't know it you should try it. Neverball is one of the best free games (thanks, Adian), based on Monkey Target minigame from Super Monkey Ball. It's a bit difficult the first time, but then it becomes quite entertaining and very addictive. In one of those nightly Neverball sessions two days ago, this time with PedrE, we got the idea: Why only three lifes? It's very annoying when you are obstinate to have only three tries and you have to go back to main menu to select again the same level.
  • Amelia - A Utility to Free Disk Space
    Since I don't know about any utility to free disk space and what I rm to get free disk space is always the same (Portage temp files, thumbnails, kernel temp files, ...) I decided to make a quick-and-dirty script with graphical interface which automates the process. I named it Amelia in memory of the cleaning woman used by my teacher school to threaten us, if you are interested in this utility:
  • I want him in the games until he dies playing
    Tron (1981) (is from where I took the phrase for the title) was one of the first movies to use scenes generated by computer. This movie talks about "life" inside computers. Characters live games as if they were real and the game seen in the video has been developed for PC becoming very popular and one of my favorites for Linux. Yes, there are games for Linux although many people says that you can't play in Linux.
  • Is Linus a Troll?
    Image: Silicon Valley Tarot One of the heroes of the last 60 years has shown again his most critical side. If other times were GNOME times, now it's FSF turn again: Linux has never been an FSF project, and has never even been a "Free Software" project. The whole "Open Source" renaming was done largely exactly because people wanted to distance themselves from the FSF. So go fight the problem [DRM] at the source of the problem, not in my project that has got nothing to do it.