Category: Debate

  • On moderation in the fediverse and in general
    My views on a recent controversy on the fediverse on stop federation with instances that unknowngly host unacceptable accounts.
  • Why we care about Paris and not about Kabul
    Every time a terrorist attack in the West caught the attention of the media, a response arises from some ideological sectors. Whether the Boston Marathon, Charlie Hebdo or the slaughter yesterday at the Bataclan, there are always those who, after the first signs of media attention, make the same comment: By the way, terrorist attacks like the Paris one happen almost daily in Africa or Asia, but they don't shock us.
  • No, it doesn't work for you
    We've all heard this ever. Some may even have used this argument: "it works for me." It seems that it works as a defense of the effectiveness of everything. From homeopathy to ouija including NLP or MMS. If you've tried it and you've seen that it works and maybe you even know more people that say that it works, we could say that its effectiveness is proved, right? Let's see why this argument could be wrong.
  • "Science is just an opinion," said the postmodern
    "Science is just an opinion, as valid as any other," said the postmodern guy in a tweet sent from his smartphone with 4G connection while the MEPG stream received through a fiber optic cable was being decoded to stimulate the electrodes that will polarize the glass that will shape the image of Deepak Chopra on his TV. The same MPEG stream was also being decoded to a series of electrical impulses that cause disturbances in the air that reached his ears to become the sound of the words of the Indian spiritualist.
  • No, don't blame the user
    It is unusual to see a computer engineer defending users. Even more if the engineer is a system administrator. It is known that the relationship between system administrators and users is tense. But when somebody tries to fool me, I get even more tense. Let's go over the facts. The registrar I'm updating the administrative contact of some domain names registered with a well-known Spanish registrar. The company listed as the administrative contact no longer exists and now the domain names belong to another company, so I have to update all the data, but that's another story.
  • My complaint to TED about TEDxValenciaWomen
    La pulga snob - Sexista This Saturday, December 1st, a TEDx event was held in Valencia: TEDxValenciaWomen. Two other TEDx events were held this weekend in Spain: TEDxGalicia and TEDxPonferrada on Friday, but I couldn't pay attention to those two because it was a weekday, I'll wait for the videos to be published. TED events are a set of conferences where speakers can talk about different topics. Originally these were mostly technological topics, as the name suggests.
  • When the art exceeds the limit
    Source: The Guardian A skinned horse being ridden by a jockey with the front and the back separated to see inside, a pregnant woman with the womb cut away to show the unborn fetus, a swimmer with halves swimming away from each other... these are examples of some of the things you can see at Body Worlds, an exhibition of the German anatomist Gunther von Hagens made with donated real corpses prepared with a technique invented by himself to be able to exhibit the bodies called plastination.
  • Is Linus a Troll?
    Image: Silicon Valley Tarot One of the heroes of the last 60 years has shown again his most critical side. If other times were GNOME times, now it's FSF turn again: Linux has never been an FSF project, and has never even been a "Free Software" project. The whole "Open Source" renaming was done largely exactly because people wanted to distance themselves from the FSF. So go fight the problem [DRM] at the source of the problem, not in my project that has got nothing to do it.