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Jan 1 2008

IE 8 doesn’t pass Acid 2 test

Fragment of IEBlog The news spread on the specialized media: finally, almost two years later than the first browser doing it (which wasn’t neither iCab, Safari nor Konqueror but Opera), Internet Explorer 8 will pass Acid 2 test. The title […]

Jun 13 2007

Safari and MSIE on Linux

As soon as I knew about Safari for Windows I knew what I want to do: after being able to run Internet Explorer on Linux it’s time to do the same with Safari. It’s not easy, but when you know […]

May 24 2007

<sarcasm>I really love Internet Explorer</sarcasm>

I know I’ve already criticized Internet Explorer because of its distinctive way to interpret standars. But then I found the bug-of-the-day issue which means that Internet Explorer will give you an unexpected behavior failing where other browsers get success, so […]

Jan 28 2007

Browsers and standards

Opera 9 Safari 2.0 Konqueror 3.5 Firefox 2 Internet Explorer 7 Those are the results of running the Acid2 test against the most popular browsers. The results are eloquent, but just in case, I’m going to clarify it: it should […]