Oct 13 2007

Changing again

LosEstores.com said bye to SDF for those reasons already explained, now it’s time to do the same with my web page. In addition to those problems, I had more with my page: after the server being down for two days, my webpage was blocked arguing traffic limit exceeded after transfering 5 KiB, while my quota is 10 MiB/day. A so low limit usually causes my webpage to be blocked, so I started using Coral CDN cache in addition to other measures to mitigate excesive traffic. However, Coral CDN makes my site much more slower and some forms stopped to work.

This is why I finally moved my site (with the needed changes in the code) to HyperPHP where they provide free hosting with PHP, MySQL, CGIs, mail, domain hosting, … and ad-free.

Since now I’m using a free server, I also removed Adsense advertisments, which I used to get MySQL in SDF, but now I don’t need it any more.

Now I’m cleaning the code to move to MySQL and release the code. Since it was very annoying, I deactivated snap.com previews ’til I code the option to activate/deactivate it according to your preferences. I’m also thinking about redesigning the site ’cause it actually stinks.

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