Google Zeitgeist 2006

Posted on Monday, December 25, 2006 in Links, Curiosities

Google Zeitgeist 2006


Google Zeitgeist 2006, the analysis of the most frequent searches in Google, has just arrived. So, we have that the most usual it is to go to Google in search of other specific webpages, such as Bebo in the first place, MySpace, Metacafe (yes, before YouTube), Radioblog, Wikipedia or Mininova.

About people and organizations, the most wanted is fictitious: Borat. Hizbullah also has known to gain the attention of the internauts, like Paris Hilton that is the most looked for in... news! (isn't there more interesting news?).

New technologies such as Podcast, AJAX or Web 2.0 are also between the most consulted in Google, like drugs: carisprodol, acyclovir, tramadol, Xenical, ... in addition to the already classic ones Vicodin and Xanax. If I knew this, I would publish my mail, it's sure that I'll get more visits.

Spanish words also had their presence: capote, calidad, ensayo, ciencia, administración, filosofía... So, what happened to Zeitgeist in Spanish? Well, it already exists a mini-Zeitgeist in Spanish.

About scandals, the most famous seems to be the one about lacrosse players of the University of Duke, followed by the fraud by a Project Runaway competitor or the Reggie Bush scandal uncovered by Yahoo! Sports.

And about weddings, divorces and deceases, the top is reached by Nicole Kidman, Paul McCartney and Aaron Spelling respectively.