Opera web browser with usage report tool for Gentoo

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 in Web development, Software, Internet, Opera, Gentoo Linux

Opera web browser with usage report tool for Gentoo

Opera has just announced through its desktop team the releasing of a new developing version for betatesting that includes a tool that makes reports about browser usage and configuration and without private information to send it anonymously to the company to improve the browser. Someone named this Opera 'Spyware', though it's a feature not present in official releases, which can be deactivated, you can read reports before sending it and the browser warns you about this the first time it's run.

You can find more information in Opera desktop team blog.

And as Opera and Gentoo fan I had to made my ebuild to install this Opera version using Gentoo package system. And here's the ebuild. It's KEYWORD masked, for more info read A Portage introduction.