Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in Games, Curiosities


  1. It's a thing
  2. You hold it when you use it
  3. It is colorful
  4. It may be found on a desk
  5. It's probably made of plastic
  6. It doesn't have face
  7. It sometimes burns
  8. It sometimes gets really hot
  9. It sometimes produces heat
  10. It produces light
  11. I doubt that you give it as a gift
  12. I doubt that you use it at work
  13. It contains liquid
  14. It's sometimes black
  15. You can't open and close it
  16. It can fit in an envelope

Do you give up?

That was enough for 20q.net to guess the answer. A computer is going to be clever than you? Do you really want to give up?

It's a lighter.