Set Up Balls Number In Neverball

Posted on Monday, June 18, 2007 in Games, FLOSS, Development
Last Modified on Thursday, June 21, 2007

Set Up Balls Number In Neverball

Neverball infinite lifes

If you don't know it you should try it. Neverball is one of the best free games (thanks, Adian), based on Monkey Target minigame from Super Monkey Ball. It's a bit difficult the first time, but then it becomes quite entertaining and very addictive.

In one of those nightly Neverball sessions two days ago, this time with PedrE, we got the idea: Why only three lifes? It's very annoying when you are obstinate to have only three tries and you have to go back to main menu to select again the same level. Why we can't have infinite lifes?. Well, here it is, the patch to be able to set up the number of balls in Neverball. You have to use balls option in ~/.neverball/neverballrc file, with negative values meaning infinite balls.

Of course, a Gentoo ebuild is also available with this patch ;-).

Download patch || Download ebuild


And also:

Download ebuild for games-puzzle/neverball-svn

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