Oct 28 2012

The umpteenth moving

Since I first set up this web page, six years ago, I moved its hosting four times. I don’t know if this is too much, but it looks so for me.
And the reason for so many movings is that I used poor quality web hostings. I’ve never worried about having a good web hosting since I maintain this web site as a hobby and it won’t be a great disaster if the web is offline for a while, so I never spent any money in hosting. This is why I was tolerant about some bad service, since I was not paying for it. But my patience is not infinite.
The last time I moved, I did it to 000webhost and I had been using it for several years and I was moderately satisfied even with its poor unsatisfactory operation, its common web downtimes, its even more common MySQL downtimes and that, of course, every time there is a problem with the servers, we the free users are the first to suffer it.
So some time ago I decided to move the site to my company servers. But, you know, I became lazy, I procrastinated… but then those nice people at 000webhost, Hostinger, Hosting24 or whatever they are called today decided to push me to do it by shutting down my web page without previous announcement because of an excessive processor usage… Excessive processor usage! A WordPress blog with less than 30 visits per day!
On top of everything else, since my account is suspended, I can’t neither get log files to see what happened with that supposed excessive processor usage nor download web files and database.
Luckily, I had a backup of the whole site (excepting last two posts that I was able to recover from Google cache) and finally I moved to which I hope will be the final hosting: TICaaS hosting cluster by Ulteria Comunicaciones. Where, since we have full control over the servers, I hope my problems and limitations will finish.

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