Why I use Opera

Posted on Friday, July 30, 2010 in Opera

Why I use Opera

Well, when I was exchanging tweets with @dsubies I said that I am an Opera user and he asked me why I use Opera. Since 140 characters are too few to explain it I said him that I will answer him here. Well, long after that, here is the answer.

At the time I started using the Internet the only serious alternatives were Internet Explorer (I'm sorry, I said serious) and Netscape Navigator. Then I discovered Opera, which included interesting innovations like tabs, pop-ups blocker and a download manager. Approximately at the same time, I started using Linux and one of the more exasperating things were the horrible look, the uncomfortable toolkit, which I think it was some Athena variant (I can't explain this, those who lived with this will understand it) and the instability of Netscape for Linux. A few later, while Netscape slowly died in hands of AOL, Firefox appeared, characterized by its resources voracity and its slowness, increasing my bet for Opera. If you add this to the fact that I used to have old computers, I really needed to use a light and agile browser.

More reasons to use Opera?

And all this is builtin without needing extensions. But if you need more, as I said, you can also extend it through user scripts, widgets and Unite.

And for more information: Opera Help, Opera Tips and Opera features.

Note: although most of the web site is only in English, the browser and help pages are available in multiple languages.

Note 2: this text was written for Opera 10.10, but the latest version is Opera 10.60.