Speeding up Gentoo packages building

Posted on Monday, March 27, 2023 in Gentoo Linux

Speeding up Gentoo packages building

One of the last posts I wrote for this blog was about the advantages of choosing Gentoo and its main drawback: the time it takes to install packages because they have to be compiled.

That post ended by saying that I would write another post later explaining how to improve compile times in Gentoo and that was… a year and a half ago now! Luckily, no one cares about what I write here, so I don’t think anyone was waiting for a year and a half for that second post.

So it seemed to me that the year has finally come today to write that second entry because I also have other things on my to-do list for this blog but I want to finish this first.

Faster packages building in Gentoo with tmpfs and binhosts