Mar 19 2008

Looking for the perfect hosting

This is a post that was in my ToDo list ’cause I said I will leave SDF-eu to be hosted at HyperPHP because I’ve read they offer free PHP and MySQL without advertisments. And according to my last comment it seems that I was satisfied with that server, but the story didn’t finished yet. This server does include banners and pop-ups in hosted pages, but I didn’t noticied because I’ve blocked their advertisments.

Then I moved to x10Hosting, where they actually offer free hosting with PHP (very limited) and MySQL and without advertisments. In fact they offer three hosting plans: ad-free, with ads and paying. And, of course, when something goes wrong (which happens very often) the first to fall is the ad-free hosting, so my webpage was more time down than up.

So I finally moved to 000webhost where they only offer free hosting without ads and, after few months using this host, I’m really happy with them. They provide good PHP, with MySQL, cPanel, etc. Stable and with a good support service, the only objection is that it doesn’t work with Lynx, but I suppose that I should live with that.

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