Who I am

Posted on Tuesday, January 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

Who I am

Today I will become narcissistic. Because who hasn't ever googled his/her name while being bored? Looking for my real name, besides a Canarian paper maker, there is no much more that doesn't refer to me.

But anyone aspiring to be someone on the Internet must choose an original, unequivocal nickname. Since originality is not my talent, as a fan of The Simpsons, I tried at a first time with homer there by the beginnings of IRC-Hispano when I didn't know yet who was that Scytale that was in all channels, but since that nick was taken, showing my originality, I derived it to h0m3r, and this was what remained. But as time passed I began to detest it, it's uncomfortable and too l33t. So when Fonso renamed me as Chuso (whose etymology I won't explain now) I accepted it and took as my new nickname (though I still usually use h0m3r as my username for historical reasons), but it was a surprise to discover that it wasn't as unusual as I expected. So I'm known in the global village mostly with these two nicknames ('cause sometimes I'm forced to choose another username), and like me, many other people. Specifically, to whom may be interested and to avoid mistakes:

OK, Fonso, let's see if this is enough to shut your mouth up, now I passed you the buck.

And yes, I know I have some unattended projects, and even the web page needs some fixes and improvements, but now I haven't enough free time to take care of these issues I consider as hobbies.