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Chuso Gentoo Overlay

The fact is that, with ebuilds for new packages that I submitted to Bugzilla, the ones I modified with patches of my interest, those removed from Portage, some I made for my scripts and others, I collected a few ebuilds now I compile and release in an overlay for Portage. Some of the included packages are: Zattoo Google Desktop Neverball (SVN) P2P Radio OpenProj Amelia SDLPong Open NeL Kylix hacha .

Looking for modified files in Gentoo packages

Did you know that teTeX development was abandoned more than two years ago? And it's recommended to migrate to TeX Live. When I was doing so by reading the Gentoo Linux guide I found that it says: if you have modified configuration files under /etc/texmf.... How will I know that? I modified many configuration files and I can't remember which ones I've modified. I thought about using equery to check that, but I only know the command to check all the files in a package, not a single file, so I thought that it would be easier to do my own script than to read the whole equery man page.

RapidShare premium download with Opera

I must blame Fonso again, because he asks me about something like FlashGot but for Opera in Linux, i.e., a way to be able to select a block of RapidShare URLs to download them with a premium account with a download manager. So when I didn't find anything, I started with it. I finally got a bash script that receives a list of links as parameters and adds them to Aria with a RapidShare premium account.

Advertising creativity

OK, I can't boast about my creativity since it tends to zero, but this why I'm not a publicist. Free Hugs Campaign ONO advertisement - Regalo abrazos Daft Hands Telefónica: El Dúo está en tu mano

Looking for the perfect hosting

This is a post that was in my ToDo list 'cause I said I will leave SDF-eu to be hosted at HyperPHP because I've read they offer free PHP and MySQL without advertisements. And according to my latest comment, it seems that I was satisfied with that server, but the story didn't finish yet. This server does include banners and pop-ups in hosted pages, but I didn't notice because I had blocked their advertisements.

Blocking advertisements and malware in Opera

Do you remember the web 15 years ago? The advertisements were almost unknown, like spaghetti webs. As the web became more popular and with the dot-com boom it was needed a way to finance so much hype, and then was when massive advertisements arrived. Nowadays we are in a situation where, except some blogs and personal webpages is hard to find a webpage which doesn't have, at least, some Adsense block, which is not the worse we can find, because then there are pop-ups, ads trying to install malware or that epileptic scams.

New Google Docs and Opera

Update: This workaround is no longer needed with Opera 9.50 which seems to solve this problem. Check your version and update if needed. Google has recently developed a new Google Docs version and if you thought they took the chance to improve (at least a little) the compatibility with other browsers, you couldn't be more mistaken. Actually, it went worse with Opera. If previously it was enough by adding ?browserok=true in order to enter Google Docs with Opera and mask it as Internet Explorer to use Spreadsheets, now it gets constantly reloading with Google Docs and Spreadsheets is only usable with a poor read-only interface (masking Opera as IE throws errors).

IE 8 doesn't pass Acid 2 test

Fragment of IEBlog The news spread on the specialized media: finally, almost two years later than the first browser doing it (which wasn't either iCab, Safari or Konqueror but Opera), Internet Explorer 8 will pass Acid 2 test. The title of the only proof offered by Microsoft (since the browser is not yet available) is conclusive: «Acid 2 test pass complete». The corresponding post on IEBlog doesn't either left any doubt: «IE8 now renders the "

Who I am

Today I will become narcissistic. Because who hasn't ever googled his/her name while being bored? Looking for my real name, besides a Canarian paper maker, there is no much more that doesn't refer to me. But anyone aspiring to be someone on the Internet must choose an original, unequivocal nickname. Since originality is not my talent, as a fan of The Simpsons, I tried at a first time with homer there by the beginnings of IRC-Hispano when I didn't know yet who was that Scytale that was in all channels, but since that nick was taken, showing my originality, I derived it to h0m3r, and this was what remained.