Adding links to MLDonkey from Opera

I envied Firefox extension for MLDonkey which allows you to add elinks and torrents to MLDonkey from the browser with a single click, even if MLDonkey is running in other PC. It's a luxury I want to have in Opera, is quite easy. It should be even easier using -remote openURL() Opera parameter, but I got problems doing it this way (it seems to ignore %U parameter), so I finally did it this way:

Changing again said bye to SDF for those reasons already explained, now it's time to do the same with my web page. In addition to those problems, I had more with my page: after the server being down for two days, my webpage was blocked arguing traffic limit exceeded after transferring 5 KiB, while my quota is 10 MiB/day. A so low limit usually causes my webpage to be blocked, so I started using Coral CDN cache in addition to other measures to mitigate excessive traffic.

Morocco vice

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It sounds like...

Have you ever though "I heard this song before"? Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel Rant Source:

Coming back

Those that usually visit my page (yes, there are such people) would notice that it had an irregular behavior being inaccessible the most of the time. It was due to two reasons: The abusive frequency of the new search engine Cuill indexing web pages squeezing the bandwidth with 1,000 daily requests, most of them referring to inexistent URLs that seem to be randomly generated by the robot combining different URLs, until it gets my hosting server to block my web page because of exceeding the daily bandwidth.

Bypass Canalmail

If you usually visit community portals in the PHPNuke style and similar you may find that some webpages say that you need to register with Canalmail to be able to access to any section (for example, download links). Canalmail is a very annoying commercial mass mail service and since one of the webpages I usually visit now uses Canalmail I finally made this script with JavaScript that replaces intermediate Canalmail URLs by the effective URL avoiding registering with Canalmail.

New contribution from Sony to virii scene

Do you remember? The infamous case of Sony slipping us a rootkit with some of their audio CDs that includes the issue that hides files and registry entries beginning with $sys$, even with registry editors and some antivirus, giving the work done to virii, trojans and other malware. The scandal was immediate and the story spread widely, this is why now sounds so surprising that Sony tried the same again, this time with its USB memory sticks.

Bye, SDF

I've announced in opening that it was entirely made with free software and it was hosted in a not-for-profit server managed by a community of UNIX users. Finally, this final point is no longer true. First, they came the attacks against the server (it's not their fault, but doesn't help), then the constant hangups and finally our service is suspended without notice saying that we didn't pay for July, which is false.

Set Up Balls Number In Neverball

If you don't know it you should try it. Neverball is one of the best free games (thanks, Adian), based on Monkey Target minigame from Super Monkey Ball. It's a bit difficult the first time, but then it becomes quite entertaining and very addictive. In one of those nightly Neverball sessions two days ago, this time with PedrE, we got the idea: Why only three lifes? It's very annoying when you are obstinate to have only three tries and you have to go back to main menu to select again the same level.

Safari and MSIE on Linux

As soon as I knew about Safari for Windows I knew what I wanted to do: after being able to run Internet Explorer on Linux it's time to do the same with Safari. It's not easy, but when you know what you have to do it isn't difficult. And if you see how it works on Windows: you can't expect great things with Wine either These are the steps needed to be able to run Safari on Linux using Wine.